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Improves the quality of your skin.

Reduces acne and oily skin symptoms.

It is a natural facelift (it makes you look younger).

Reduce stress and anxiety.

Eliminate toxins and fluids making your face look thinner.

Improve blood flow.

Make your face muscles stronger.

Reduce dark circles.

Reduce wrinkles.

Your skin tone may look more uniform.

Improve the circulation of nutrients.

Help in cell renewal.

Reduce edema.

Improve the appearance of scars (treats fibrosis).

Reduce fatigue signs.

Basic Facial

Cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion.

Super-Lift Facial

Non invasive approach with triple effect that will immediately tightened and tone your skin. The triple effects treatment gives the facial muscles a workout, draining away puffiness, making the skin taut.

Lymphatic Facial

A reduction in fluid retention and swelling with an increase in circulation. Uses gentle strokes, movements, and soft “pumping” by the practitioner to help the circulation of lymph fluid

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