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Get certifications in these specialties

In this professional training program, I will assist you in Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency treatments. The trainees who own all the professional machines but still need to be properly trained and certified can join me for online or in person for classes at affordable prices. 

My courses are born for those who are looking forward to growing their business by offering body contouring treatments.

I will guide you on how to properly conduct cavitation and how to discharge the waste once the body has crumbled down the fat. It is very significant to learn how to do Cavitation and RF treatments properly so you can provide the best services without harm to your clients. My training will make you 100% confident when providing great treatments.

Certification Program

Leveling yourself to the next phase

Lymphatic Drainage level 1

In this class you will learn basic lymphatic drainage. Defined, explained, and basic techniques. This is a level 1 certification program.


Two 4 hour Classes

Lymphatic Drainage level 2

In this class you will learn lymphatic drainage. Defined, explained, and advance techniques. Follows level 1 program. This is a level 2 certification program.


four 4 hour classes

Lymphatic Drainage Advance

In this class you will learn, all classes above, post surgical lymphatic drainage.

Defined, explained, and full body techniques.

How to help your clients after surgery

This is a level 3 certification program


eight 4 hour classes

Body Sculpting  (Basic)

In this class you will learn, all classes above, and post surgical lymphatic,drainage. Defined, explained, and basic techniques, at home maintenance, The use of the equipment and the products.


ten 4 hour classes

Advance Body Sculpting 

Here you will learn all classes above, and  how to sculpt the body to reach its max potential. I will take you step by step on everything including the equipment and products.

Once this program is completed you will be confident ✨️ in your business to spread your love to your clients and put them at ease.


fourteen 4 hour classes

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